Saturday, May 13, 2006

Medea in LIMB-o

Medea in LIMB-o (pardon the horrid pun)


izak flash man said...

You havent read Neil gaimens 'books of magic' series have you?
Something quite similiar happens.

Awesomeness still.
(do you get paid for the google ads? Ill click 'em if you do.)

meowza said...

Never seen that book.
Googles some imagery though. Looks pretty cool!
Almost like Frank Miller type art.
Or Frank Miller's stuff looks like Gaiman's stuff!
Whoever started first.

izak flash man said...
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izak flash man said...

Gaiman is the writer. Old franky works with DC right? Books of magic is made by the vertigo Part.
I wasn't exactly meaning the art, but the concept(growing with the tree etc). Either way, if your ideas are on the same par to Neils then your Defienetly on the way to the big time. (award winning in fact).

Sorry, I wanted to revise my comment so I deleted it. Now everything looks messy. My bad.

meowza said...

Ah! I see I see.
Just googled him and saw some pretty pictures so I just figured!
I'm actually not too too familiar with Frank Miller's works either, but I know he did Sin City. Y'know, the really strong high contrast black n white work.

But thanks for the Gaiman mention! Will definitely look for his writings now.
And muchos gracias for the comparison :}

izak flash man said...

Sin city. I looooooved stealing the blood highlighting thing from him. :P

Look for gaimans graphic novels: the sandman series, and books of magic.
He also writes those big books that are devoid of pictures: American gods, Ananci boys, stardust.
(Im a huge fan)

Anonymous said...

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