Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So, I met this guy.


izak flash man said...

So the question is, is she out of limbo yet?

meowza said...

Oh! Yes she is.
I didn't show she was out of limbo clearly though.
Next time, (Don't know what that next time is though ;p) I'll illustrate that part way more clearly!

izak flash man said...

What you should have said was "Sneaky transition isn't it? You obviously didn't catch the symbolisim. Life is like limbo, constantly reflecting on what you have done in your past." and then I would have been totally bummed out. :P
Perhaps if you were to rework it, have a proper reunion between her and her mother in the hospital.
Next time? What about Meowza coming outa Electronic standby(limbo for tamagotchi's etc).

lol, glad you unconfuzzled me. Keep up the excellent illustrations/comics.

meowza said...

Oh man. Pretend that's what I said! ^-^

Oooh and way to notice the lack of mother around!
Was trying to work out some way to get her reunited but couldn't work a juicy enough storyline with it yet.

Keepin' me on my toes!
I like ;}